Kolonėlė garso bevielė aktyvi Harman Kardon OMNI 10 Bluetooth® WiFi 25W nemokamas pristatymas

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Kolonėlė garso bevielė aktyvi Harman Kardon OMNI 10 Bluetooth® WiFi 25W nemokamas pristatymas

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Pagrindinės charakteristikos
Garsiakalbių kiekis komplekte 1 360º garso technologija
Tipas bevielis, Bluetooth, WiFi, Android, Ios
Juostų kiekis 2 t.y. 1 aukštatoniai ir 1 9cm žemų dažnių
Nominali galia RMS 1x25W
Maksimali galia 1x25W skaitmeninis su DSP
Minimalus atkuriamas diapazonas 50 Hz
Maksimalus atkuriamas diapazonas 20000 Hz
Jautrumas 93 dB
Varža 4 Ohm
Vidinis stiprintuvas 1x25W su integruotu DSP
Garsiakalbių medžiaga šilkas ir  presuotas popierius
Suderinamumas Windows, iOS, Apple, Android
Išmatavimai ir svoris
Spalvos juoda, balta
Išmatavimai 156x180x165 mm
Valdymas prisilietimui jautrūs klavišai su apšvietimu
Svoris 1,4 kg

Garantija 24 mėn.

video pristatymas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-_ZFDw-rG8

Harman Kardon Omni 10 wireless speaker

The Harman Kardon Omni 10 offers easy music streaming and big sound in a compact wireless speaker (shown in Black)

Eyebrow-raising wireless performance

Before it even makes a sound, the Harman Kardon Omni 10 is going to attract attention from guests. "What's that Magic 8-ball thing over there?" It's the perfect opening to pull out your smartphone and start playing music through this remarkable little wireless speaker. Better yet, start playing your music through multiple Omni speakers and watch your friends' eyes light up as your home is suddenly filled with music.

Excellent sound in every room

The Omni 10 is all about getting more music into more rooms. It's also about detailed sound with lots of punch, as we found out when this compact speaker wowed us in our first demo listening session. Its robust output and full sound caught us by surprise. The Omni 10's clear detail is just what we've come to expect from Harman Kardon. We also love that it can play high-resolution music up to 24-bit/96kHz.

Easy wireless setup and operation

The Omni 10 uses your existing home Wi-Fi® network, so it's easy to set up in just a few minutes. Once you're connected, you can stream music wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet. Send tunes to a single speaker or multiple speakers throughout your home over Wi-Fi.

Harman Kardon Omni 10 wireless speaker

Press the Omni 10's "Link" button and it comes alive with music, so your tunes follow you from room to room (shown in White).

Stream audio from any app with Bluetooth®

While most wireless music systems rely solely on Wi-Fi for music streaming, the Omni 10 takes things a big step further. It has Bluetooth on board, which lets you stream audio from any app on your phone or tablet. Any song you can play on your device can be played wirelessly through this speaker. Have apps for Spotify®, Pandora®, Google Play, and other music services? Stream them all via Bluetooth, with no restrictions. You can even stream from YouTube™ or audio from a video game — there are practically no limits. You can also send that Bluetooth stream to other Harman Kardon Omni speakers and components.

Easy control with your phone or tablet

Your smartphone or tablet isn't just your music source — it's also the remote. Download the free Harman Kardon Controller app to your Apple or Android device. Then you can choose songs stored on your device, control music playback and volume, and group speakers together for playing over multiple Omni devices in different rooms. The app's colorful, intuitive interface makes multi-room music easy and enjoyable.

Add music to another room... without touching your smartphone

On the top of the Omni 10, there's a large button with a slash. That's the "Link" button, and it offers some very cool features. Let's say you're listening to music in the kitchen on an Omni 10 speaker. As you move into the living room, you want the music to follow you. Simply walk up to your other Omni 10 speaker, press the Link button, and the speaker will start playing the same music currently playing in the kitchen in perfect synchronization. Press and hold the Link button, and every Omni speaker in your home will come to life with that song.


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